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Reuse and Reduce

Greetings to you all on International Women’s Day!

I have spent much of my working life working with women, training them and developing products. In the last couple of weeks I have conducted two workshops for CBN Foundation showing women from low income backgrounds how to give warn-out clothes a fresh new life through repairs and recycling and how to make their own reusable sanitary pads.

It was heartening yesterday to see some of the drawstring bags the women had made after the first workshop each had its own special features and great use of colour. One woman told me that she would be making the sanitary pads as a nicer alternative to the rags she uses now and another was going to make them for her daughters.

Not everyone gets to work with women as I have but we can always find ways to serve other women if only with a few words of encouragement.

This is a good moment to let you know that I have some new products on the website, take a look here, I hope you will find something to buy.

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